Polka Dot Begonia

Polka Dot Begonia


This is not your normal Begonia that you would find in your Grannie's hanging basket! This is an exciting flowering tropical talking point. With it's long angel wing shaped leaves bigger than your hand, lovely wrinkly edges and polka dot pattern and a reddish purple underside they really are a show stopper! Read below for advice on how to look after your Begonia Maculata.


Medium to bright light, avoiding direct sunlight that may burn the leaves

Will adjust to less light-but expect slower growth


Do not let the room temperature drop below 15 degrees celsius


Only water when the top soil is dry give it a thorough watering. Once or twice per week. 

Mist regularly or place on a pebble tray to increase humidity

Doesn't like to completely dry out. Avoid this by soaking thoroughly every time you water

Do not sit it in water as this will encourage root rot


For healthy growth, larger leaves and flowers, fertilise twice a month during the spring/summer growing season. 

In the winter reduce fertilising down to once ever 5-6 weeks

If your plant starts to get a little 'leggy' pinch out the growth in mid summer to encourage it to bush out nicely as new stems will grow from where you prune

Keep out of reach of children and pets


Height including pot- 32cm

Pot diameter- 14cm