Ficus Benjamina with pot

Ficus Benjamina with pot


I love a Weeping Fig-when they're happy they're so rewarding, gracing you with new growth daily. Their gorgeous leaf shape that tapers into a delicate point. It also has a lovely deep midrib, giving the leaf a lovely valley to its shape, where some look like they're nearly folded. All that said they can be fussy, have a read and see how they like to be looked after. 


Ficus benjamina love light. A bright sunny spot is perfect, however keep away from direct sunlight as this may burn the leaves or cause the leaves to drop. 

Weeping fig will tolerate medium light, but do not like shade or no natural light. 


They like humidity, so regular misting and/or a pebble tray and your ficus will thank you.

Allow the top soil on your weeping fig to dry out, water lightly and regularly rather than over watering which can cause root rot or for the ficus to drop its leaves!


Ficus are fast growing plants, so they need lots of lovely nutrients to encourage and aid this.

Fertilise once a month during the spring summer growing months, using a liquid plant food as per the instructions of your chosen brand. 

Fertilise once every two months throughout the autumn winter months.

Top Tip

Weeping figs take a little time to settle into their environment, so avoid moving them once you've found a happy spot. 

Ficus benjamina also don't like draughts, so keep away from windows, doors and chimneys.