Dracena Marginata Bicolour with pot

Dracena Marginata Bicolour with pot


It's hard to go wrong with a Dracaena. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, they're easy to look after, making them the perfect plant for botany beginners. Their structural shape makes them great for the lounge creating a contrast to comfy sofas and soft furnishings. Have a little read below and find out just how easy these architectural plants are to look after!


For the best leaf colour and growth, place in bright indirect sunlight

Will tolerate low light levels, but expect slower growth and for the leaves not to have as rich colouring as they would do with more sunlight. 

If you want to give your Dracaena a treat, give it a day a week sunbathing in a nice sunny spot, just remember to avoid direct sunlight, which will burn it's leaves. 


In-between waterings make sure that the first few inches of soil are dry. 

The dracaena will not tolerate soggy, wet soil- this will cause root rot and if left wet will cause the plant to yellow and eventually die. 

Mist regularly or put on a gravel bed to encourage good humidity

Water more in spring summer and less in autumn winter. 


Fertilise once a month with a broad spectrum house plant liquid fertiliser.

Only fertilise in the active growing months of spring summer. 

Keep away from animals and children.