Dieffenbachia with pot

Dieffenbachia with pot


The Dieffenbachia houseplant is just a delight. There are many different cultivars each coming in different shapes and sizes and each with slightly different patterns to their leaves. Nearly all varieties of Dieffenbachia are variegated, with only one that has a solid green colouring. Read below on how to look after your Dumb Cane aka Dieffenbachia and get it thriving.


Prefers bright to medium levels of indirect sunlight

Will adjust to lower light levels but will grow slower. 

Avoid harsh sunlight that will burn your plants leaves


Keep the top soil moist at all times. 

Fairly hardy so will tolerate extended times of watering neglect- but it will show this to you by the leaves shrivelling.


Fertilise every 3-4 weeks through the spring summer growing season. 

Over fertilising will cause the leaves to droop.

Keep out of reach of children and animals. 

If you get any sap on your hands wash them immediately. The sap is toxic and will cause a reaction but is not fatal.