How to look after and grow your

Peperomia 'Hope'

-peperomia deppeana x peperomia quadrifolia


This plant is part of the Piperaceae family of plants and has a beautiful semi succulent texture and formation. It is a trailing plant that has big juicy vines with clusters of 2-4 leaves at each node and makes for a real statement plant. The leaves are fleshy in texture and are a lovely soft green with a delicate stripe. As big fans of propagation this plant has quickly become one of our favourites as you can propagate from just a single leaf! Read below on how to look after your Peperomia 'Hope' and how to keep it thriving.


Bright light, avoiding regular direct sunlight that may burn the leaves.

Will thrive under a grow light


Likes to dry out almost completely in between waterings

Water regularly through the spring-summer growing season 

Water much less in the dormant winter season- once every month should be plenty


Will benefit from regular fertilising throughout the spring summer growing season.

Use a weak water soluble plant food when watering.