How to look after and grow your

Radiator Plant

-peperomia caperata


This gorgeous semi-succulent houseplant originates from the tropical rainforests in Brazil. Easy to look after and won't grow out of control. It has thick waffled leaves and unusual stick-like inflorescences. Have a look below for the perfect growing conditions to help your peperomia thrive. 


Prefers bright to medium levels of indirect sunlight

Will adjust to lower light levels but will grow slower. Rotate regularly to avoid it leaning towards the light.

Avoid harsh sunlight that will burn your plants leaves


Likes to almost dry out completely

Water from the bottom to stop the soft stems from rotting. 

Mist every 5-7 days.


Fertilize once a month during spring and summer to encourage new leaf growth and flowers (inflorescences)

Slow growing won't get any larger than 12inches in height


Yellow Leaves and/or soggy stems

Symptom: leaves turning yellow, or new leaves unfurling yellow and stems becoming squishy and rotting

Cause: over watering

Remedy: place in a brightly lit well ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight and allow to dry out almost completely, before returning to weekly watering from the bottom and mist thoroughly once per week