How to look after and grow your 

Hindu Rope

-hoya carnosa compacta


Where to start with the Hindu Rope plant.... It literally has these lush, thick rope like vines that trail and creep and curl over the edge of its pot. This Hoya cultivar is definitely more of a trailing vine growing plant than climbing. It thick, rigid leaves have a beautiful curling contorted shape and a dark green colour. 


For maximum growth and to encourage flowering place your Hindu Rope in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. 

This Hoya will tolerate lower light conditions, but expect slow growth. 

If your Hindu Rope is going to live in low light, it will benefit from a little sunbathe once a week to give it a little boost. 


The Hoya carnosa compacta doesn't require much watering. 

During the active growing months of spring and summer be sure to water regularly, but allow the soil to dry out completely in-between. (top tip: learn to know the weight of the plant when it is fully dry, it should feel light)

In the dormant season of autumn/winter the Hindu Rope requires even less watering, just once a month would be sufficient.


This house plant doesn't like to be fussed over. It would rather not be fertilised at all than to over fertilise. 

Once a month with a diluted plant food during spring summer months is plenty. 

Do not fertilise in the autumn winter months.

When repotting be sure to use a light potting mix with lots of aeration. Include mediums like perlite to assist in drainage as the Hindu Rope doesn't like to sit with wet roots.