How to look after and grow your

Devil's Ivy

-epipremnum pinnatum


A new variety of Scindapus- it has fleshy, deeply veined leaves with silver, light green, yellow or whitish spots or flame pattern. This houseplant grows strings with leaves, so you can let the plant climb along a trunk or hang like a hanging plant. Researchers from NASA discovered that the Scindapsus is one of the top 10 of best air-purifying plants. 


Will adapt to all light spectrums from shade to full sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight (window sills etc) that may burn your plants leaves



Keep the soil moist, but not wet- do not let it dry out completely

Water thoroughly once a week with room temperature water when the top soil is dry

Shower regularly to increase humidity


Either trailing or climbing. 

When climbing provide supports such as a moss pole

When trailing ensure that your plant it potted into a heavy base pot

Pinch off new shoots to encourage bushier growth.

Keep out of reach of children and animals