How to look after and grow your

English Ivy

-hedera helix


Often overlooked due to its bad name for growing like weeds out in nature, the Hedera Helix aka English Ivy or Trailing Ivy is a gorgeous plant. With lots of different varigations, soft pastel greens and creams, to zingy lemon lime. It also comes as a solid colour, often a beautiful deep, dark, forest green. They are prolific growers and will trail and climb just about anywhere you want them to go. Read below for some tips on keeping your ivy lush and growing healthily.


Prefers bright to medium levels of indirect sunlight

Will adjust to lower light levels but will grow slower.

Avoid harsh sunlight that will burn your plants leaves and make them all crispy!


Likes to almost dry out completely in between waterings, but do not let it dry out for a prolonged period of time as they have a habit of crisping up very quickly!

Doesn't like to sit in water.

Will welcome a misting in between waterings to keep its leaves fresh and lush


Fertilize once a month during spring and summer to encourage new leaf growth