How to look after and grow your

Jade Plant

-crassula ovata


Easy to look after and fruitful with new leaves if cared for correctly, this Jade Plant, also known as a money plant- will be a welcome addition to your houseplant collection. This plant is perfect for the budding urban junglist who may, occasionally, forget to water their plants!! (obviously we don't admit this)


Bright light, avoiding regular direct sunlight that may burn the leaves, but will enjoy sunbathing every once in a while

Will adjust to less light-but expect slower growth


Likes to dry out almost completely in between waterings

Water regularly through the spring-summer growing season 

Water much less in the dormant winter season- once every month should be plenty


The crassula ovata requires little fertilising. Just once every month or two in the summer with well diluted plant feed.

If the plant feed is too strong this will burn the roots. 

Medium growth rate, if it starts to get 'leggy' pinch off the new shoots towards the end of the summer to encourage multiple new shoots to grow from that site