How to look after and grow your


-anthurium andraenum


Thick, dark, heart shaped leaves, with striking flowers that come in a variety of colours and shapes. This is where they get their nickname 'Painters Palette' from! This tropical houseplant loves a warm sunny spot. Here's everything you need to know when keeping this beautiful plant happy, healthy and growing.


Prefers bright or medium indirect light

It can adjust to lower levels of light, but will grow slower and produce fewer flowers

Avoid harsh direct sunlight that may burn your plant’s leaves and flowers



In the winter, water about once a week, when the topsoil is just dry to the touch 

In the summer this plant will appreciate being watered more frequently so keep an eye on the topsoil, when it is dry give it a drink.

Mist between waterings to provide humidity



The Anthurium is a fairly slow growing houseplant,

With the right care and regular fertilisation, the Anthurium plant produces new flowers throughout the year.

Usually however, there are cycles of three months of flowering, 3-6 without flowering and then three months of flowering again.

Fertilize once every 3-4 months to encourage healthy growth and flowering. Make sure to dead head any leaves or flowers to further encourage new growth.



Brown Leaves

Symptom: brown leaves or brown leaf tips

Cause: this is most commonly due to over or under watering. 

Remedy: when an Anthurium plant has brown leaves and leaf tips, it’s getting too much or too little water. Before you give water, feel how moist the soil in the pot is. If it feels rather dry, the plant needs some water. But if the soil is moist, wait a week before watering again.

Yellow Leaves

Symptom: leaves turning yellow, or new leaves unfurling yellow

Cause: too much sunlight

Remedy: maintain high levels of light in a bright room, but reduce the intensity by moving away from a window.

Green Flowers

Symptom: flowers staying partially or completely green (as long as your variety is not meant to be green)

Cause: not enough light

Remedy: move into a brighter room, or closer to a window